Walk your Block

Membership is a voluntary service, here you can apply to  be a spotter, patrol official or an active member on our what’s app group. You do not have to be part of the patrols to be a member. 

When applying to become a member, the Patrol Officer will contact you and an interview will be held to establish your involvement within Blanco Neighbourhood Watch. 

A member can purchase a BNW sign which will be placed on an outer wall/fence, This will indicate that you are under the protection of BNW and it will allow BNW Patrol Officers to enter your premises (only yard) and conduct preliminary investigation if any suspicious activity (break-in, theft, malicious damage to property, open gates/open garages) has been identified.

It is essential that all members sign a declaration, once appointed as volunteer patroller, protecting the neighbourhood watch of any claims or liability in the event of death, injury or damage to property.