Lost and Found

Whether you’ve lost your beloved pet, or you’ve found someone’s pet wandering around, contact us immediately.

As part of our service to the community, we run pounds on behalf of the George and Mossel Bay Municipalities. This means that all stray animals must be handed in to the Garden Route SPCA and cannot be kept by the founder.

Stray animals are kept in the pound for 7 days. Animals that have not been claimed by their owners within this 7-day period become available for adoption by a new family.

Animals with name tags and micro–chips are much easier to re-unite with their owners. We also strongly recommend sterilising your animals – sterilised animals are less likely to roam and go missing, or be stolen for breeding and dog-fighting.

Remember: if your pet goes missing, contact us first.

Please send lost/stolen/stray animal images to info@blancowatch.co.za for approval.